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Jul 28

The Coast of Sardinia

Posted by SKJB Team on Thursday, July 28, 2016

My trip to Sardinia was everything I had imagined and so much more. The variety in the landscape and coastline, the warm and friendly people and the amazing produce of the island (if you are a meat and cheese fan you are in heaven) were such a treat for the senses, not to mention coming from an Aussie winter, the temperature and climate was fantastic!!

The Team (Tracy, Frank, Anette, John) ready to launch near Arbatax

While we made time to venture inland to the enormous grottos and historical ruins in the mountains as well, we mostly escaped the crowds by staying off the beaten path and out of major city areas as much as possible and we focussed on exploring some of the east coasts most stunning cliff lined areas. There are so many small beaches, rock gardens and caves to explore we generally only planned shorter distances each day to paddle as there was so much scenery to enjoy and play around.

The amazing Sardinian cliff line surrounded by national park (Pedra Longa a prominent feature in the background)

The extent of the cave systems along this coast was incredible. So big and deep and the water colour and clarity was just unreal. This blog could be filled with just cave photos!

Our campsites were low key and we even had the chance for a fire one evening to eat dinner by. The sunrises were pretty spectacular too.

So many contrasting colours and the ocean was like glass

Views, views and more views

Tracy doing a little Cliff / Kayak Camouflage 

A passing boat supplying ice creams to hot paddlers

We had organised a one way trip for ourselves with local sea kayaker Francesco offering a shuttle service and showing us his favourite little "locals" bar for some awesome antipasti on the drive back down the coast to our car. A truly amazing journey, great company and what better way to finish it off than with a celebratory Sardinian wine... Salute!

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