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May 22

New Adventures for 2017

Posted by SKJB Team on Sunday, May 22, 2016

Planning starts now!

If you're like me, you love to have a Holiday lined up and dates booked in advance so you have time to plan and save.

With our group just back from Ningaloo Reef and Trips for Greece and New Zealand later in the year we thought we would add to the list and start planning 2017.

We have had special requests for our Ningaloo Reef Adventure in Western Australia again and our Great Bear Rainforest Mothership Expedition in Canada so we have locked in some new dates for Travel Experiences ready for you to book.

Ningaloo Reef gives you the ultimate variety in a Holiday with a combination of Hiking, Snorkelling (yes with Whale Sharks too!!) and Sea Kayaking in a pristine and unique World Heritage Area.

While our Tailored Mothership experience will see you exploring a truly remote part of our planet surrounded by majestic wilderness with more than a few luxuries thrown in on your floating home.

So if you are tossing up on something to do next year that is a little different, these trips will blow your mind, fill your spirit and tick all the boxes for reset and recharge that a Holiday needs to provide with a good helping of Adventure just to complete the package.

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