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Nov 27

Adventure in the Able Tasman

Posted by SKJB Team on Sunday, November 27, 2016

This years trip to New Zealand gave us just about everything you could expect to see, feel and experience in a Sea Kayaking Expedition.

The Crew ready for departure ... Pete, Lauren, Di, Neville, Doug, Barry, (Back row) Lucas, Hana, Tracy (Front row)

With a mixed forecast for the week we paddled off into a misty Able Tasman National Park with the low cloud creating a surreal atmosphere.

Getting into the rhythm of our new surrounds and heading for our first camp

You see all sorts of water transport in this part of the world .... Apparently the record is 22!!!

As with any outdoor activity flexibility and working with mother nature is key, so when the winds picked up we changed our plans and found a gorgeous sheltered campsite for our first night all to ourselves.

Doug in action powering through the bombies

View from my tent

Beautiful afternoon light for photos

And time to enjoy a few pre dinner nibbles .... The food on this trip was amazing

On the rainier weather days we headed for Anchorage which allowed us to warm up in front of a fire and eat out of the weather. As conditions eased we ventured out again for a walk on part of the coastal track and a paddle along one of the pristine estuaries at high tide, and I should not forget to mention a visit to a spectacular Glow Worm cave one evening!

Local NZ Duck deciding to breifly join our group

Natural waterslide just waiting to be ridden....

and so it was...... Well done Hana!!!

Pete cruising in the Penguin

Brothers Barry and Neville getting the hang of being in a double together ;-)....

When the Sun came out again we got to enjoy the true magnificence of the Able Tasman and the brilliant contrasts in colours. Golden sands and emerald green water so clear and pure and unspoilt. I have to say this area is so well managed and kept so clean by users that it makes it an absolute pleasure to enjoy for everyone.Di and Lauren enjoying the sunny conditions and the beautiful sounds of the Tui Birdsong

Winding our way through all the hidden areas of the Abel Tasman

There are so many Seals in this area with several large colonies right up the coast and on Neighbouring islands

Another fur seal enjoying the good weather

Doug and the team chilling out in one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the world

Combining exploration by kayak and on foot to enjoy the best views

Split Apple Rock, Can't tell if thats salt water on my face or my eyes are leaking Nev ;-)

My favourite time of day

I want to thank all our paddlers on this years NZ Trip for their fantastic sense of fun and adventure and for ensuring the laughs kept flowing!! .. Also a massive thank you to local NZ Guides Lucas, Hana and Tish for the brilliant logistics, great food, awesome company and sharing the local stories.... Thumbs up indeed team!

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