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May 16

Ningaloo Reef Adventure 2017

Posted by SKJB Team on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Where do I find the words to describe Ningaloo Reef. ….. Probably best to start with just two ….. Landscape Heaven ……

Just flying in you get a sense of the expanse of the area and as we turn south from Exmouth and drive along into the Cape Range National Park I am struck by the beauty of this intense scenery. A rocky limestone range full of hidden valley’s and dry river beds carved by wind and water over thousands of years borders the road on one side and the white sand dunes and stunning turquoise water full of the vibrant sea life of the Ningaloo Reef stretching out on the other.


Our destination is our private camp near Yardie Creek where we will set up a base camp for the week. Taking all we need with us in the trailers, kayaks, food, water, clothing, sleeping gear and fuel for the duration, our group is thrust together into this intimate environment with no power, running water or electricity. In this fast paced world of internet connection and social media updates it is so nice to take a week out to unplug and it doesn’t take long for the group chit chat to take over as they get to know each other and it quickly becomes a lovely soothing camp noise.


Ningaloo Reef stretches for over 260klm and was declared a Marine Park in 1987 and listed as a World Heritage Area in 2011. It is one of the largest fringing coral reef systems in the world and one of the only ones that has developed so close to the land, which makes it the perfect playground for kayakers.


Sea Kayaks provide us with the perfect vehicle to move along the coast and take in its beauty on a deeply personal level. They allow us to paddle and pin point areas near its outer extremes where we can tie up or set anchor and venture under the water to snorkel with the amazing array of sea life that call these unique corals home. With the Leeuwin current and the Ningaloo current working together to keep the water temperate the underwater variety is truly abundant. We made it as big a part of the trip as the kayaking, stopping to snorkel several times during the day as we paddled past amazing coral bombies on the reef and at morning tea and lunch beach breaks.


The solitude of this trip is one of the things that make it so special. Watching the sun set in the west from the peace of our dunes, sleeping under the desert stars listening to the waves, enjoying each others company and laughs in our little bubble that was our private camp and being the only ones out on the reef all day we would really only bump into other people at the major tourist sites or camp grounds as we passed. We took time out from paddling in cooler morning and afternoon climates to hike into the range to catch glimpses of the Rock Wallabies and Ospreys doing their thing as the world turned around them. 

Some of the places these Rock Wallabies can get themselves into is incredible and all with a baby on board. As the sun set spectacularly on a hike up Yardie Creek gorge one evening we watched an Osprey bring back some dinner to its nest. Taking a moment I really reflected on the scene in front of me, watching our group painted in this stunning picture.



After 5 days of epic adventures on the reef living like kings we headed back to Exmouth to prepare for our Whale Shark experience the following day. An early start had us out on the boat where our wonderful crew looked after us with gear and a briefing on how the snorkeling experience would unfold. We had a practice run inside the lagoon then took to the Indian Ocean where our spotter plane was put to work searching for Whale Sharks. After an anxious wait it was time to swim with our gentle giant. The Whale Shark that picked us was about 8 metres long and was a slow chilled out cruiser and we took turns snorkeling along side for about an hour. The sensation you feel as this graceful creature appears swimming at you out of the ocean darkness is overwhelming and the smiles and wide eyes could been seen clearly through everyone’s snorkels and masks!


Our trip to Ningaloo is really not to be missed. It is a fantastic mix of adventure kayaking, snorkeling and taking in the sights of the range from above. The colours, sounds and western sunsets transport you to another place in time where things were simple, unhurried, and focused so that you really do live in the moment.

I would like to say a massive thanks to Neri, Jeff, Dagmar, Rob, Pat, Laila, Kim, Leigh, Geoff, Dicky, Manda and  John who made this years tour to Ningaloo such a delight. We shared some magic moments team (including our own very special Dawn Service for Anzac Day) and some very great laughs. 

We have dates available for next years Ningaloo Reef Tour now live on our website so book your place quick for this fabulous experience.

Call us on 02-44417157 or email us at for more details.

Nov 27

Adventure in the Able Tasman

Posted by SKJB Team on Sunday, November 27, 2016

This years trip to New Zealand gave us just about everything you could expect to see, feel and experience in a Sea Kayaking Expedition.

The Crew ready for departure ... Pete, Lauren, Di, Neville, Doug, Barry, (Back row) Lucas, Hana, Tracy (Front row)

With a mixed forecast for the week we paddled off into a misty Able Tasman National Park with the low cloud creating a surreal atmosphere.

Getting into the rhythm of our new surrounds and heading for our first camp

You see all sorts of water transport in this part of the world .... Apparently the record is 22!!!

As with any outdoor activity flexibility and working with mother nature is key, so when the winds picked up we changed our plans and found a gorgeous sheltered campsite for our first night all to ourselves.

Doug in action powering through the bombies

View from my tent

Beautiful afternoon light for photos

And time to enjoy a few pre dinner nibbles .... The food on this trip was amazing

On the rainier weather days we headed for Anchorage which allowed us to warm up in front of a fire and eat out of the weather. As conditions eased we ventured out again for a walk on part of the coastal track and a paddle along one of the pristine estuaries at high tide, and I should not forget to mention a visit to a spectacular Glow Worm cave one evening!

Local NZ Duck deciding to breifly join our group

Natural waterslide just waiting to be ridden....

and so it was...... Well done Hana!!!

Pete cruising in the Penguin

Brothers Barry and Neville getting the hang of being in a double together ;-)....

When the Sun came out again we got to enjoy the true magnificence of the Able Tasman and the brilliant contrasts in colours. Golden sands and emerald green water so clear and pure and unspoilt. I have to say this area is so well managed and kept so clean by users that it makes it an absolute pleasure to enjoy for everyone.Di and Lauren enjoying the sunny conditions and the beautiful sounds of the Tui Birdsong

Winding our way through all the hidden areas of the Abel Tasman

There are so many Seals in this area with several large colonies right up the coast and on Neighbouring islands

Another fur seal enjoying the good weather

Doug and the team chilling out in one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the world

Combining exploration by kayak and on foot to enjoy the best views

Split Apple Rock, Can't tell if thats salt water on my face or my eyes are leaking Nev ;-)

My favourite time of day

I want to thank all our paddlers on this years NZ Trip for their fantastic sense of fun and adventure and for ensuring the laughs kept flowing!! .. Also a massive thank you to local NZ Guides Lucas, Hana and Tish for the brilliant logistics, great food, awesome company and sharing the local stories.... Thumbs up indeed team!

Check out our next Sea Kayaking experiences at and

Sep 29

Ahhh Beautiful Milos

Posted by SKJB Team on Thursday, September 29, 2016

As the person in front of me violently lowers their seat back to crush my laptop I am reminiscing about our week that was, my mind transported back to the beauty of the Greek Isles to help me survive this long haul flight………

Pete in Paddling Serenity

What a Trip!!!! …. Where do I start!!!....

The welcoming small volcanic Island of Milos sits between Athens and Crete and is a little bit off the main tourist routes. As a result it has more of a local feel and especially at this time of year is free of the large crowds. 

Small protected harbour we had all to ourselves for a swim

There are so many options for paddling itineraries here with protected shorelines to find in any wind direction and we made the most of a brilliant run in weather and wind conditions to explore a different part of the coast everyday.

The crew discussing our trip plan for the day 

We began the trip based at our beachfront hotel in central Adamas doing day tours for the first part of the week. This was a fantastic way to get used to the kayaks and the heat and left us with plenty of time to explore the Island on foot, taking in the ancient sites in the area including the site where the statue of Aphrodite (Venus de Milo) was discovered and the near by Island of Kimolos. 

Bev winning the "saltiest hat" contest

There was also ample opportunity to sample the local culinary delights of Greece with the group especially fond of one particular cocktail bar and ice cream shop for our nightly treats.


In camp the girls had to make do with wine attempting to be cooled by the ocean ;-)

Milos is one of the lucky islands in the Aegean that has a great resource in mining and we visited many parts of the coast (still in use as well as abandoned) used as loading bays to take the raw material from the island. 

Old loading bay area structure

Pete sneaking past one of the working loading bays

We even got the chance to explore one of the older disused mine shafts in a more remote area where you could still see the pick marks in the wall as it was all done by hand. As a safety precaution we did establish as a group who we would eat first in case we did get lost ;-)

Discarded equipment from a mine shutdown

The highlight of the islands scenery however is the plethora of amazing caves and archways that came in all shapes and sizes and which are of course best explored by sea kayak. I think we just about visited all of them as our local Guides Sue and Dave (Massive thanks Dave and Sue!) knew every intricate corner and slot to visit. 

Looking out always creates a great photo opportunity

With low swell on most days it was brilliant to play in the numerous rock gardens created by the erosion of various layers of rock in the cliffs and everyone’s boat handling skills were well tested.


When we saw an arch we couldn't resist but to go through it 

And they came in all shapes...

And sizes.....

And colours.....

After a rest day we packed up our gear and the kayaks for a three day, two night kayak/camping expedition to see a more inaccessible part of the island. Again the wind was kind and we got to see one of the most famous parts of the coast called Kleftico meaning “place of thieves”. 

Main archway at Kleftico

Anette enjoying our calm evening paddle to "the place of thieves"

This area was a favourite hiding place for pirates back in the day and you can see evidence of where they use to tie the ships up on the rocks.  

Set up at Kleftico camp ... 

Beach camping is one of my all time favourite things and it was super for us to get away from town and enjoy the peace and tranquility of camp sunsets and the waves lulling us to sleep.

simply stunning........

Our special Sea Kayak Jervis Bay tailored tour of Milos is the perfect combination of holiday and adventure and is definitely a place you should put on the bucket list.

Great conditions seemed to bless this group, especially on this crossing with Anitmilos in the background 12klm away

Adrian heading past unique volcanic features

The landscape was forever changing as different eruptions over thousands of years have laid down an assortment of colour in the rock

Our spot for lunch was created after the roof of this cave collapsed .. Glad I wasn't eating my cucumber sandwich then!

Norman and I storm'n in the double for the afternoon around Kleftico

Big Smiles means Happy Paddlers .... Bev cruising in her "Rainbow Warrior"

Dawn also enjoying the picture perfect paddling

Seeing the planet and its cultures by kayak allows you to slow the pace and really immerse yourself in the area you are visiting taking away not only amazing photos but a completely different perspective unique to you.

 The unique waterline perspective of a sea kayaker

A massive “Thank you” goes to Dave and Dawn, Norman and Jocelyn, Di and Bev, Peter and Adrian and Anette for the fun, laughs and spirit of adventure that was this years trip. If you are interested in coming with us to Milos again or one of our other travel destinations or would like to get into kayaking to be able to enjoy one of these adventures to the fullest then don’t hesitate to contact us at or ….. we would love to host your dream trip ;-)

See you soon on the water....

 Tracy Gibson

Aug 25

Unforgettable Greenland

Posted by SKJB Team on Thursday, August 25, 2016

As I begin to write this Blog about our Sea Kayaking Trip to Southwest Greenland, already I am struggling to find the words to properly describe what we saw and the sense of peace you get from being totally immersed in that powerful, raw and beautiful landscape without seeing another person outside our small team for weeks.

Tracy, John and Frank ... The Three Amigo's ready for a few weeks "out"

Flying across the Greenland Icecap and seeing the Fjords and Glaciers from the air it was a quick transition from the airport by Zodiac to our remote town start point of Narsaq. This small and friendly community of approx. 1500 people was a wonderful change of pace and we spent the first evening excitedly getting gear packed into dry bags. We were also excited to find out that a new Pub had opened in town called Inuuksuuk. Run by brothers from Iceland and their talented Colorado barman Jerome, they brew their own beer with the label Qajaq, so we looked forward to returning to celebrate there.

Narsaq - Southwest Greenland

We were fortunate to have fantastic weather for most of the trip, only getting tent bound for one day as heavy rain and fog would have made paddling cold and uncomfortable. As we really only had our own schedule and paddling distances to make up as we went we just worked with the elements to give us the best chance to really make the most of enjoying the area.

Unbelievable waterline perspectives

So many shapes and colours - The ice was mesmerising

Frank enjoying photographic paradise

The head of the Gletcher Glacier in Qalerallit Imaa Fjord

The rain in fact was a gift as once the sun returned so many new icebergs had fallen from the Glacier heads and filled the Fjords with waterfalls. In fact it was one of my favourite days paddling seeing all the changes in the landscape and we relished many big days on the water when the sun was shining and the light on the ice was perfect.

John dwarfed by fresh waterfalls

Intense colour returns after the rain

The wildlife was incredible also as we were followed by a pair of Humpbacks for several days, even sharing one of our campsites with these wonderful creatures. As they swam around all night in our bay we could hear their comforting blows as they breathed on the surface. Seals were common company and every day presented some great hiking opportunities to climb the surrounding mountains providing us with amazing views especially at sunrise and sunset. Quite a few times we even stumbled upon groups of Caribou as we quietly explored around our campsites.

Always a sucker for a sunset tent shot

Graceful Humpbacks make great paddling companions

Two red tents and the kayaks on the waters edge - what a view from the top - we are headed for the glacier in the distance

The Caribou were a wonderful surprise on our Hikes

The thing I find with all these extended trips for me is that the longer I am "out" the longer I want to stay "out" and just keep paddling. The simplicity of waking to check the weather and the map and choose your next campsite, the fun conversation whilst paddling, cooking and eating are all things that I will cherish forever from this adventure just as much as the stunning beauty and sense of freedom that the paddling itself allowed us to experience.

Sneaking through the ice flow was challenging at times as the ice moves in quickly and big cracks and explosions can be heard as the big ones break up.

John holding "ancient water" in his hands

Soup breaks were always a welcome treat and this one at the bottom of the Glacier was particular nice to warm up with on a very chilly day

Amazing contrasts as the Kilometres flew by

Another gorgeous camping spot and of course accompanying sunset

One word ..... Solitude

John passing quickly and quietly past one of the "big" ones ... shhh don't wake it up

Frank and myself cruising across the Fjord solving the worlds problems ;-)Frank in front of a "new" ice ... freshly fallen off the glacier these bergs have the brightest and clearest blues

Heading home through an ocean slushy

The promised reward .... A "Kayak" Beer to Celebrate

A special thanks to local Guides Cesar and Daniella for looking after us with logistics, for being such great fun people and sharing their wonderful knowledge of this unforgettable area and of course a massive "you're awesome" to my paddling amigos John and Frank for making this trip something so special ... memories to cherish forever ..... I have been truly touched by this landscape and there are so many options here for kayaking that I have a feeling this won't be my last trip to the North ;-)

If you are keen to join us on our world wide kayak travel adventures then check our itineraries as they become available on and

Till next trip ... Happy Paddling 


Jul 28

The Coast of Sardinia

Posted by SKJB Team on Thursday, July 28, 2016

My trip to Sardinia was everything I had imagined and so much more. The variety in the landscape and coastline, the warm and friendly people and the amazing produce of the island (if you are a meat and cheese fan you are in heaven) were such a treat for the senses, not to mention coming from an Aussie winter, the temperature and climate was fantastic!!

The Team (Tracy, Frank, Anette, John) ready to launch near Arbatax

While we made time to venture inland to the enormous grottos and historical ruins in the mountains as well, we mostly escaped the crowds by staying off the beaten path and out of major city areas as much as possible and we focussed on exploring some of the east coasts most stunning cliff lined areas. There are so many small beaches, rock gardens and caves to explore we generally only planned shorter distances each day to paddle as there was so much scenery to enjoy and play around.

The amazing Sardinian cliff line surrounded by national park (Pedra Longa a prominent feature in the background)

The extent of the cave systems along this coast was incredible. So big and deep and the water colour and clarity was just unreal. This blog could be filled with just cave photos!

Our campsites were low key and we even had the chance for a fire one evening to eat dinner by. The sunrises were pretty spectacular too.

So many contrasting colours and the ocean was like glass

Views, views and more views

Tracy doing a little Cliff / Kayak Camouflage 

A passing boat supplying ice creams to hot paddlers

We had organised a one way trip for ourselves with local sea kayaker Francesco offering a shuttle service and showing us his favourite little "locals" bar for some awesome antipasti on the drive back down the coast to our car. A truly amazing journey, great company and what better way to finish it off than with a celebratory Sardinian wine... Salute!

Check out and for more of our overseas and local sea kayaking itineraries

Jun 19

A Paddler's Travels

Posted by SKJB Team on Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sea Kayak Jervis Bay's Training and Tour Coordinator Tracy Gibson is about to head off on some paddling adventures of her own in the next few months and will be posting a few photos of her experiences here as she travels (and as she has internet connection ;-)

Making the most of her time away Tracy plans to kick things off with a paddle along the Sardinian Coast, then exploring to the Fjordlands of southwest Greenland before finally meeting our Milos team adventurers in Greece.

Always on the lookout for new itineraries for our Travel Holidays I'm sure there will be some fresh ideas upon returning.

Jun 18

Thank you to all our Adventuers

Posted by SKJB Team on Saturday, June 18, 2016

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful paddlers who have enjoyed adventuring with us around Jervis Bay and overseas this past year and taking the time to share your experiences on Trip Advisor.

We have just been awarded a Certificate of Excellence and we look forward to continuing to share our passion for all things paddling into the future. See you for some on water time soon.....

May 22

New Adventures for 2017

Posted by SKJB Team on Sunday, May 22, 2016

Planning starts now!

If you're like me, you love to have a Holiday lined up and dates booked in advance so you have time to plan and save.

With our group just back from Ningaloo Reef and Trips for Greece and New Zealand later in the year we thought we would add to the list and start planning 2017.

We have had special requests for our Ningaloo Reef Adventure in Western Australia again and our Great Bear Rainforest Mothership Expedition in Canada so we have locked in some new dates for Travel Experiences ready for you to book.

Ningaloo Reef gives you the ultimate variety in a Holiday with a combination of Hiking, Snorkelling (yes with Whale Sharks too!!) and Sea Kayaking in a pristine and unique World Heritage Area.

While our Tailored Mothership experience will see you exploring a truly remote part of our planet surrounded by majestic wilderness with more than a few luxuries thrown in on your floating home.

So if you are tossing up on something to do next year that is a little different, these trips will blow your mind, fill your spirit and tick all the boxes for reset and recharge that a Holiday needs to provide with a good helping of Adventure just to complete the package.

Call us on 4441 7027 or email

May 02

Season Specials

Posted by SKJB Team on Monday, May 02, 2016

We have got some great specials on our "Discover" Sea Kayak Trips this month so grab some friends, have some fun, try something new and come paddling.

May is a fantastic time of year to Paddle with the water temperature still warm enough for a quick dip, the wildlife is more active and the days are filled with glorious sunny skies!

Despite what you might think, Sea Kayaking is generally a dry sport with only your feet getting wet as you get in and out, making it a perfect way to see the Bay all year round.

This MAY if you book for FOUR People on our 1/2 Day "Discover" Jervis Bay Sea Kayak Trip you will receive ONE PLACE FREE.... Saving your group $109.00 

We start later at this time of year too giving the sun a chance to catch up and for you to have more time for a Lazy breakfast before heading off on your adventure to burn it off ;-).

The special is only Valid when booking through our website

This experience will be a highlight of your trip to Jervis Bay and satisfy your adventurous spirit....

Apr 19


Posted by SKJB Team on Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Crew from Dolphin Watch Cruises in Huskisson joined us on our Sit On Top Kayaks for a team building race around Husky reef on Sunday afternoon.

Whilst there were some allegations of cheating, sledging and splashing there were no eliminations and thankfully all returned relatively unscathed from the competitive frivolities. 

Thanks Team, Was great to host this part of your afternoon, BBQ was well earned.

If you would like to get your work mates out on the water for some fun then we can organize a time, date and activity that suits you. See our activities at or email us at