AC Sea Kayaking Instructor Course 

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Sea Kayak Jervis Bay (SKJB) offer this exciting training pathway to become a Sea Kayak Instructor based around our very successful Sea Skills Program. You will be hands on with one of our experienced instructors working with students to program and deliver the Australian Canoeing Course content, using your extensive background in Sea Paddling you will progress your skills to provide detailed and comprehensive Instruction to novices and experienced alike.

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The holder of this award has demonstrated the ability to train individuals and groups from novices to instructors on activity and expedition based programs in sea kayaks at sea defined as outside of estuaries, embayments or other sheltering reefs or islands in moderate conditions:

  • Below “strong wind warnings” conditions (forecast or observed of greater than 25 knots);
  • Assessed in minimum winds of 11 –16 knots;
  • Areas of exposed coastline that is simple, not involving overfalls, tidal races, difficult landings or open crossings may be included;
  • Crossings of less than 10 nautical miles;
  • Breaking (overtopping) waves (sea) up to 1m;
  • Surf to 1m.

Elements include but not limited to:

  • Equipment
  • Stroke Technique 
  • Rescue skills
  • Navigation
  • Weather
  • Trip planning
  • Surf launch and land
  • Towing
  • Rolling
  • Risk management
  • Group control
  • Skill and knowledge transfer
  • Teaching models

Further assessment requirements

  • Logbook: Six Sea environment trips of a minimum of three hours duration over a period of at least two years
  • Two different overnight coastal sea kayak trips
  • Six guided sea activities of at least three hours duration as an observer under training or as an assistant Guide (must be in two different locations)
  • Two guided sea activities of at least six hours duration as lead guide under observation of a qualified guide
  • One self-contained overnight trip in a sea environment of at least 25 km distance.
  • Six practical instructional activities at sea of at least three hours duration, of which three as the lead Instructor
  • One overnight as an observer under training or as an assistant Instructor
  • Four theory sessions as an observer under training or as an assistant Instructor, of which two as the lead Instructor
  • Current Apply first aid certificate




Please Note: There is no assessment involved in this program. Assessment needs to take place on a separate day by arrangement with SKJB at further cost and an assignment needs to be completed as part of this assessment. A fee of $170.00 also applies for Australian Canoeing Certification Processing and is Valid for Three years. Some further log book experience sessions will be required to finalize the Award.

 Our AC Sea Instructor Course Includes:

* All Sea Kayaking Equipment including Sea Kayak / Paddle / PFD2 / Spray deck / Tow Line / Paddle Float / Paddling Jacket. 
* Courtesy Transport If Required / National Park User Fees where applicable. 

* Tuition & Workshops on and off the water.

* Course Notes / Australia Canoeing Paperwork. 

You will need to have an AC Sea Guide Award or equivalent as a pre-requisite to undertaking the SKJB Sea Instructor training.

Contact our Professional Team of Instructors and Assessors for more details.

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