Ningaloo Reef Sea Kayaking And Whale Shark Adventure  2020

Western Australia's Ningaloo Reef Sea Kayaking Adventure and Whale Shark Expedition has become one of our most popular packages. Incorporating a 5 Night Base Camp in the Cape Range National Park West of Exmouth and a full day of snorkelling with Whale Sharks on Ningaloo Reef, Out Team has packaged up a deal that ensures we experience the best of this incredible area. 

Our Adventure begins in Exmouth on the 3rd May 2020 which is the optimum viewing time for Whale Sharks and the Waters of Ningaloo Reef are in absolute abundance. Quality Sea Kayaking, Snorkelling at every opportunity and some great inland gorge walks in ancient river canyons makes this Adventure the trip of a lifetime where quintessential Australian landscape meets the Ocean in an explosion of life and colour. 

Check out our Video of our Adventure to Ningaloo Reef. Contact Us Here for more details. Full Booking Details Below.

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