Learn To Eskimo Roll - Kayak Rolling Course  

Widely recognised as the ultimate in self Rescue and Self Sufficiency the Eskimo Roll or Kayak Roll remain a skill for life as a Kayaker. 

Kayak Rolling Lesson from Sea Kayak Jervis Bay on Vimeo.

Sea Kayak Jervis Bay Instructors  present a structured step by step instructional process that builds on your Bracing, and Paddling Stroke Skills to have the best chance of Learning a Solid ( Bomb Proof Roll ). Essential for Surf Skills and Expedition and Touring Kayaking, possessing a sound Eskimo Roll will lift confidence and allow you to push your paddling further. Take it a step further with a Professional Eskimo Rolling Course with the Team at Sea Kayak Jervis Bay and Synergy Paddlesports Australia.  

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